Have you ever thought of volunteering?

The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is looking for volunteers, not for someone to come for the odd hour now and then to help with the animals, unfortunately there is a chance that the inexperienced ‘helper’ may accidentally do harm rather than assist keepers, but there are many other areas where we really would be very grateful for any help no matter how small the commitment.

Now we are a charity, there are lots of new ways we can tackle old problems – especially new ways we can fundraise. We would be delighted if anyone with any experience in the field could spare any time – even just to give us some pointers.

The multitude of new technological opportunities is another minefield as far as we are concerned. We would love to send out news letters by multiple e-mail and a host of other things but we don’t know how. Are there any under employed/unemployed geeks out there who could help? (Or possibly someone who is just basically tech. savvy. This can of course be done from the comfort of your own home (and it would look good on a C.V!)

Maintaining the Oasis is rather like maintaining the old Forth bridge – a never ending process. Anyone with DIY skills would be welcome at any time. If you have no particular experience but are a reasonably able bodied person who can hold a paint brush, please put your name and e-mail address on our volunteers register (use the contact us button on the website.). You won’t be committing yourself to anything, we will just let you know about forthcoming ‘project’ days – some arranged well in advance, other more weather dependent activities will necessarily be on shorter notice, and you can let us know if you are interested.

If all this sounds rather too physical, we also need someone to help co-ordinate our volunteers, help in the shop/reception, or help just with one off activity days… in fact, what ever your talents, please get in touch (via the website) and we will find some way to put them to good use.

It is only with the support of the community that the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis can become a really active, effective, conservation organization.