Animal Experiences


We are pleased to be able to offer a rare opportunity to be a keeper for the day. This is exactly what is says, a chance to work with a regular keeper looking after a whole range of exotic animals many of which you can actually go in with – an unforgettable day.

Keeper for the Day Experiences are offered any day of the week, but we only take one booking per day (excepting joint bookings), so you get a really personal experience!

A recent junior keeper Chloe and her mother Angela had this to say about it;-

Our visit today has been AMAZING!! Superb value! We would thoroughly recommend ‘Keeper for a Day’ as an incredible worthwhile experience and memorable Birthday treat!

Keeper Experience £59

10.30am – 1.00pm

Ages 16+

Unlike the larger zoos where you are assigned to a section and only deal with one group of animals at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis you will be involved with the majority of the collection from monkeys to meerkats just look at the rest of the website.

Please wear practical clothing that you do not mind getting dirty and some sort of jacket for out door work (Wellingtons are not normally necessary). You will be given a free T-shirt to wear on the day, which could be picked up beforehand.

This makes a fantastic present for any animal enthusiast age 16 or over. We have had keepers for the day of all ages (the oldest in her late seventies) and is also at a fraction of the price of many large zoos. (To buy a voucher to give as a present, go to the ‘PRICES’ button at the top of the page and select buy gift vouchers from the drop down menu.

At the end you will be presented with a certificate to remember your day. The keeper is welcome to stay in the zoo after the experience is over at 1.00pm, to explore on their own. And don’t forget your camera!

Want to share the day with a partner or family member?
We now offer a joint booking for just £99!

Junior Keeper Experience £59

10.30am – 1.00pm

Ages 7-15with an accompanying adult

Keen Junior keepers can have the authentic zoo keeper experience and we will do our best to include interaction with any favorite animals. There will only be one junior keeper at any time working directly with one of our keepers.   You will get to do real work with a range of animals including some you can go in with. This would make a brilliant present for any animal mad youngster aged from 7 to 15 years.
Junior keepers need practical clothing that is not too valued and some sort of coat/jacket (Wellingtons not necessary).
You will be given a free T-shirt to wear on, which can be picked up before the day.
 Please bring a camera to record the highlights. You will be presented with a certificate at the end of your experience.
The session is for the Junior Keeper and accompanying adult only. Participants have full entry to the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis for the rest of the day (though not restricted areas). Any other family or friends will be charged usual price and will not be allowed in staff areas.

Add an extra child for a joint booking at just £99!

To book, go to the book option at the top of the page (far right). If you don’t know what date you want, you can buy a voucher by selcting the ‘PRICES’ button from the drop down menu and then Buy Gift Vouchers.

Animal Interactive Experience £79

2.00pm – 3.30pm

Due to public demand, we are now offering an animal interaction experience for adults (18 plus) where, among other things, you can join in a clicker training session with the fossa, provide environmental enrichment for some of the animals and, the highlight, get up close and feed the stunningly beautiful snow leopards.
This is a one on one experience with a senior keeper. Two friends sharing is  £150

 If you want to buy a friend a truly special present, but don’t know which day they would prefer, you can buy a voucher for them by clicking on the ‘PRICES’ button at the top of the page and then selecting ‘Buy gift vouchers’ from the drop down menu.