Come and get involved in our Fossa FUNdraising Day!

There have been many changes this year at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, namely the brand new emperor tamarin enclosure alongside our ‘Wild Café’. There have been lots of changes in our outdoor area too, where ageing exhibits have been renewed or replaced.. a permanently on-going process for us! The fossa enclosure is one exhibit that is rapidly approaching its best before date. Fossas are unusual cat-like creatures, about the size of a Springer spaniel, from the island of Madagascar which predate lemurs. The outlook for them is sadly rather bleak in the wild, as even their prey are endangered. With less than 2,500 individuals thought to exist in the wild they really do need every little bit of help we can give them to boost their numbers. By holding a healthy insurance population in captivity we can ensure that fossa are not lost to us forever. In the future if a suitable habitat is secured for them out in the wild we need to be sure to have genetically sound animals to reintroduce and repopulate their native island. Perdy, the female fossa, is now on her own after the sad loss of our much loved male Remus, but before we can get her a mate we need to replace the old enclosure. To raise the money for this building work we are holding a Fossa Fun Day on Wednesday the 28th of October. All funds donated will go towards the new housing.

You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to support us; you can simply visit the gift shop or just pop in from 10am for coffee and cake in the Wild Café, where you can take a look at the cheeky monkeys in the new café viewing area!


FossaBaby Fossa babies from one of Perdy’s previous litters


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