leopard lunch

Now that our Snow Leopard cubs are nearing 6 months old, they are well and truly on a meat based diet! They are now being fed outside, on display, with their parents most days.


Loki and Luna are a closely bonded pair.. when they were younger and just beginnning to try solid foods they would always choose to eat from one bowl together and then move onto the second bowl together, rather than simply having one each as was our intention! This is a habit that they still haven’t grown out of, which has led to some extremely adorable tug-of-wars; much to our visitors enjoyment!!


Although we cannot guarantee that the Snow Leopards will be fed during opening hours every day (we like to keep them on their toes!) there is a good chance that you might get to see Loki and Luna enjoying a spot of lunch if you’re planning on visiting us soon. It is a sight not to be missed!

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