Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is a great place to come for a school trip to learn about a range of topics – whether you want to learn about rainforest habitats, conservation, animal care or something really different!

It’s easy to get the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis – we’re just off the A6 between Kendal and Lancaster, and coach parking is available. Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is within an hour’s journey for visitors from Carlisle, Appleby, Keswick, Barrow-in-Furness, Skipton, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Chorley, Fleetwood, Blackpool and Lytham St Annes. It takes less than half an hour to get to us from Kendal, Lancaster, Morecambe, Grange-over-Sands, Kirkby Lonsdale, Windermere and Bowness. We are perfectly located for a trip out during a longer visit to the Lake District and with indoor and outdoor sections and plenty of wet weather activities you don’t need to worry about wet weather!

  • A Few Suggestions:

Divide Children into groups before arriving, and give each group an animal species, or possibly taxa to identify themselves with these could be made into stickers for our staff to easily identify groups and children could colour them in before the day. We suggest: Reptiles, Insects, Mammals, Birds or Iguanas, Snakes, Lemurs, Monkeys, Meerkats etc.

  • Contact us before the day if you would like worksheets.

Talk to children on the bus or before the day about behaving properly. Explain that tapping on glass is very scary for some animals and that these will be wild animals not pets, and should not be touched without a zoo keeper there.

Speak to the zoo about the focus which you would like from your talks we can adapt talks to your particular requirements so let us know and we’ll tell the children all about a particular topic. If there is an unusual Key Stage Requirement you wish to focus on give us a copy before the day and our Keepers can think of some ideas.

Leave enough time for the trip. Our tours generally last about an hour, and it is easy to spend another hour in the centre and not see everything. If your visit is going to be for a specific length of time let us know in advance. If your group is over 25 we may need to split it to conduct our tours plan for this so that we can organise it quickly on the day. We have a resources box for schools with factsheets in it. If your group is very large we will lend you this. If you think you would like to use it try to make a pre-visit and ask to see the items before the day.

  • Keep an open mind:

We offer tours covering a range of topics, and are aware of a variety of Key Stage Requirements don’t just assume there is only one topic which you can cover during the day.

Zoos are also not just about Biology why not try learning out of the classroom on Art, English Literature, Geography, History, or any other subject. Our education programme covers a wide range and you’d be surprised at the academic backgrounds of some of our staff. Speak to us and we’ll organise something designed just for you.

If you are local why not contact us for a more long running series of activities. We will offer discounts for repeat visitors, and are flexible in our education programme.

If your group is less than our standard group rate (12) contact us anyway and we may be able to provide worksheets or organise a small talk for you anyway.


  • Lakeland Wildlife Oasis
  • Group Visits Risk Assessment
  • Zoo Rules:
  1. DO NOT distress the animals by shouting, leaping about, tapping on the glass or attempting to touch any animal without supervision.
  2. DO NOT feed the animals
  3. DO NOT climb over barriers
  4. Teachers must supervise students at all times
  5. Lakeland Wildlife Oasis reserves the right to evict any group that breaks these rules.
Hazard Centre Precautions and Advice
Slips, Trips, Bumps and Falls Walkways kept clear. Hazard warning signs displayed when necessary. Generally open-plan setup. Good lighting on pathways during open hours.
Please do not run, supervise children and assess uneven surfaces carefully.Please do not allow any climbing except on designated climbing frame.
Animal Related Injuries Free ranging animals chosen for amicability. Only suitable animal used in handling sessions. Staff fully trained. Barriers in place for dangerous species.
Please do not trap any animal in a confined space, or attempt to touch ANY animal without supervision by a member of staff.Ensure nobody climbs barriers, and that everyone stays on pathways.Please ensure the entire group is attentive to the Guide when handling the animals.
Injuries on Climbing Frame Bark chippings provided. Frame is built to industry standards. Supervision is required.
Please only make use of climbing frame if able to supervise at all times. Please encourage appropriate behaviour. Use of climbing from is at own risk.
Lost Children Shop acts as 'Lost Child' congregation point. Staff aware of correct procedure, and are able to liaise through radio contact. This is a small centre.
Please make children aware of the shop as a 'Base point' and try to supervise children at all times.
Deep Water Substantial Barriers.
Please make children aware of danger, and supervise at all times
Zoonotic infection Bacterial Risk Anti-Bacterial Gel available.Hand-washing facilities and continual reminders.
Please ensure all hands washed at frequent intervals, especially before eating etc. and after animal handling.
Cars 5 m.p.h limit recommended in Car Park.
Please supervise groups in the car park.
Irritants produced by animals Allergic Reactions Staff trained in common risks and animal handling. Staff will give safety warning for particular species if necessary.
Please ensure safety warnings are understood.We cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen onsite.
We recommend conducting a pre-visit, which can be refunded (1 adult) on the day of the school visit upon production of a valid receipt.Please call us if you have any other questions 015395 63027
Please ensure that children are supervised at a suitable rate.